Hi everyone!! What a year this has been! I hope everyone is doing well and swell. I have had such a busy week, between being a mom of 2 (don’t get me wrong, I am loving every second of it) and working on some things behind the scenes, it’s hard to balance self care. My skincare routine is something that I am always always always consistent in. When I was younger, the thought of skincare scared me, so many different products!!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I have been religiously using Skinbetter products in my daily routine. SkinBetter is only available for purchase through an authorized link of a healthcare professional (will be linked at the end of this post!) or at a medical office. Here are some of my favorites!

Cleansing gel (am/pm)

I admittedly am not the best when it comes to washing my face with an actual cleanser. I used to only use make up remover and water! I found the cleansing gel from Skinbetter to be super gentle on my skin while removing my make up at the same time (less steps, woo!).

The cleansing gel is a mild, foaming gel cleanser that thoroughly cleanses the skin and removes make up. I love that I can skip the make up remover with this one since it does it for me!

  • Gentle, mild cleanser that is intended for daily use
  • Sulfate free
  • Skin soothing blend of aloe, chamomile, and cucumber
  • Contains glycerin, which is a humectant that helps with hydration

Even Tone Correcting Serum (am/pm)

I have gone though multiple bottles of this and use it morning and night! I love how it is lightweight on the skin and fragrance free. It works so well! I notice that my complexion is noticeably more even and some of my dark spots have started to fade. It is one of my favorite products ever and a must have in your routine. I recommend it to almost everyone who has hyperpigmentation and/or wants to brighten up their complexion.

This helps to treat brown patches (melanoma), sun damage, hyperpigmentation and discoloration. It contains b.r.y.t complex* (ooh, fancy!) and is non-hydroquinone (a strong depigmenting agent that lightens dark patches on the skin), and non-retinol. This means that it is super gentle on the skin and those with trouble or sensitive skin can use it! I use this after cleansing my face and before moisturizer.

  • Breaks up appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Brightens without the use of hydroquinone
  • Improves the appearance of yellowing and dullness
  • Improves overall tone and evenness of the skin
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture

*b.r.y.t complex by skin better key ingredients: diglucosyl gallic acid, hexylresorcinol, acetyl glycyl beta-alanine, alpha-arbutin, artemisia capillaries flower extract, Kakadu plum extract, arginine PCA, ceramics, linolenic and linoelic acid

Alto Defense Serum (am/pm)

Another serum that I love using when I feel like I need a bit of a boost. It helps brighten up my complexion and protects my skin against harmful radicals. I use this as a preventative step towards skin aging and especially after traveling.

  • Anti-aging
  • Contains ingredients that neutralize UVB-induced free radicals
  • Reduces skin redness
  • Brightens skin appearance and improves skin firmness and elasticity
  • Contains ceramics which help with skin moisturization and barrier protection

Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment (am/pm)

I have the driest skin and need moisturizing products. I love using this treatment after my serums to really lock them in. I find that my skin is so soft and supple after using this. The trio rebalancing moisture treatment is used after serums and before SPF! This product is something I recommend to all skin types but especially drier skin! It is amazing!!!

  • Increases skin resiliency and provides intense hydration
  • Intended for skin that is dry and compromised by age and environment
  • Makes your skin super smooth and soft
  • Helps retain water in the skin, promoting hyaluronic acid absorption
  • Protects the skin’s barrier with essential fatty acids like Omega-6 and Omega-3

AlphaRet Overnight Cream (regular and intensive) (pm)

MY FAVORITE PRODUCT TO USE AT NIGHT. I started with the regular AlphaRet Overnight Cream (10% concentration) and noticed results after a week. Literally the best AHA/Retinoid ever and makes your skin feel like butter. First, let’s start with, what the heck is retinol? Often I hear horror stories of people using retinol and having dry, irritated skin after. I had similar experiences with people on retinol horror stories so I was hesitant to try Skinbetter’s. Retinol helps with skin rejuvenation and overall complexion of “youthful glows”. What makes Skinbetter’s retinoid better is that is extremely gentle yet effective at the same time. I always recommend people to start using the Alpharet and moving towards the Intensive (18% concentration) version later on if they need it. I love using this as the last step in my nighttime skin routine because it makes my skin look like I had just gotten a facial. It is my holy grail!!

  • Supports skin collagen, therefore reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Only prescription grade retinoid that doesn’t give side effects
  • Provides moisture to help counteract the dryness associated with traditional retinoid based products
  • Provides protection against free radical damage

Interfuse Treatment Cream (eye) (am/pm)

My dark circles are crazy, especially after this hectic year. I was never a true believer in eye creams because I find them to be either crazy expensive or have little to no results. The Interfuse eye cream is so effective that I only use about half a pump and see immediate results!! Even my 4 year old noticed a difference!! It is super soothing and I LOVE using it in conjunction with an eye roller. It also applies well under make up, so yay!

  • Special skin penetrating peptides that get under the skin (doesn’t just sit on top of skin)
  • Caffeine and Vitamin C help combat dark circles and puffiness
  • Helps nourish and support collagen (reduces under eye wrinkles and crepiness)

Sunbetter SPG 68 Compact (am)

The absolute most important skincare product you need is a good SPF. However, not many people realize that SPF is only good for about 80 minutes and needs to be reapplied!! I was looking for ways to reapply sunscreen without disturbing my make up underneath and I was so happy when I discovered this one!! It is in a compact and provides a light tint of color. I love reapplying this (blot blot blot!) throughout the day and it doesn’t disturb my make up at all. It is so so so easy.

  • Mineral based sun protection (no harmful chemicals)
  • UV and Blue light protection
  • Soft focus finish helps blue fine lines and wrinkles, improving overall skin complexion
  • Can be used on it’s own to even out skin tone

All of these items can be purchased through my link!

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