Hi everyone! Me again. This will be a short and sweet! I get so many questions about my hair so I figure I’d answer them all here.

hair extensions before and after balayage


Who does your hair?

My friend Stephanie Gonzales does my hair! She is a hair magician. Her Instagram is @Stephanie_gonzales.

What color is your hair?

It’s an ash-blonde balayage!

Do you have extensions?

Yes! I have Bellami sew ins. I love extensions because it adds a ton of volume and length to my hair and it’s not heavy feeling at all!

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

I use Fanola no yellow and no orange! I find them the best for keeping brassy and orange tones away. They’re great because they contain no sulfates, silicones, and vegan! I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days and I use Living Proof dry shampoo in between.

How do you style your hair?

Honestly, I get so lazy with styling. All I use is a blow dryer and a curling iron. My stylist taught me how to blow dry and style my hair, so I follow a lot of her tutorials! I think my curling iron is a 1 1/2 in barrel and it has a clip. Tip: I section off about 1-2 inches of hair and alternate curling away and to my face. This adds a ton of volume and lasts all day with a touch of dry shampoo. My favorite is Living Proof!

That’s it for now! Back to work hehe,

Joanna the Nurse

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