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It’s been a while since I’ve logged onto this website (my website to be correct)! Teehee. Wanted to share one experience that I have been asked about a lot- my breast augmentation! So here goes!

I had my breast augmentation done back in November 2017 with Dr. Peter Newen (@drpeternewen). Since I work in this field, I was familiar with the entire process so everything went quite smoothly for me. Going into the consultation, I had a good idea of what size and profile I wanted to go with. The first set of sizers I tried on was 450cc and I knew off the bat that I would prefer them slightly bigger. I ended up going with 485cc and 520cc! Reason why I went with two different sizes? One boob was significantly bigger than the other one! They were more like step-sisters, rather than twins. Even though 485 and 520cc sounds vastly different, there are actually no implant size options in between those two! So for those who are contemplating between 450 and 400, it’s REALLY not a big size difference AT ALL! So don’t worry, and I recommend to go with the bigger one (hehe:)! Reason why? I’ve seen so many patients after their breast augmentation for their post ops, and it’s extremely rare to hear a patient say they wish they went smaller. Almost every patient says they wish they went bigger!

Anywho, back to my story. So after the consult and deciding on my size and profile (I went with moderate, btw), I was ready for my surgery! The day of my surgery I was super duper excited and ready to rock and roll. I met with my anesthesiologist and nurse (I already knew them super well since I used to work in the OR), and we got the party started!

After about an hour or so, I woke up and felt great. The pain medication was definitely still working so I was happy and relaxed. Once I got home I did feel some pain so I took a prescribed pain medication and went to sleep! When I woke up a couple hours later, I felt great! So great, that I decided to go to work the next day! Even though I didn’t have any patients scheduled (since I didn’t expect to feel so awesome blossom), I still came since I love work so much! I didn’t do much at all, but it was nice being in my happy place.

For the next couple of weeks, I felt muscle spasms here and there, which is very normal and to be expected. It took a little over 8 weeks for my breasts to really start dropping. For some people, their breasts drop quickly, and for others (like myself), it takes a little longer! My recommendation is to not compare your recovery to anyone else’s, because it may stress you out! Overall, I felt that my experience went super smooth, and I do credit a lot to my doctor for a job well done!

Now i’m about 4 months post op, and I absolutely love my new melons! Initially when people heard the size I was going, they were nervous that my breasts were going to be too large for my frame. Now, when people look at them, they say it doesn’t look as big as they thought! Regardless, at the end of the day, it’s my body and my decision! And I’m super happy with my decision!

Unfortunately, I lost pretty much all my photos (I took so many right before my breast aug), since I broke my phone, but I will try and find some to compare! It’s amazing!!

Questions? DM me on instagram!! ❤️ Thanks for reading!




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