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So today is my second day of writing and working on my website. I must say, it is quite fun and I am looking forward to writing more (so stay tuned)!

Here is my quick review on Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. I bought these on her website when they were buy one, get one free (I can never resist a deal)! The colors I got were Kandy K, Koko, and Posie K (lipgloss). Since using these products for about a month now, I have to say that I do love how long the product stays on my lips. I apply both the lip liner and liquid lipstick in the morning around 7:00AM, and by 11AM, my lip color is still going strong! The consistency isn’t bad at all as well, and they aren’t too drying. The one major flaw I noticed however, was the fact that the liquid lipsticks smelled like expired candy. In all honesty, I thought I was given a batch of bad products, until many of my followers messaged me staying they experienced similar smells.

Besides that one flaw, I do like these products, and I would purchase again! The lip liner applies so smoothly and doesn’t have a strong scent like the liquid lipsticks.

Any liquid lipsticks that you recommend? Let me know in the comments!


Joanna the Nurse


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