Hi guys! What a year it has been. Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? I feel like the year flew by. I wanted to give a quick update since the year is coming to an end!

I had another baby! The best part of this year was having this lil cutie join us. Luke is so ecstatic to have a baby brother, he wants more! Baby Noah is the sweetest, easiest baby ever. I’m truly blessed to have Luke and Noah. Fun fact, I didn’t choose his name until right before I left the hospital! Choosing a name is so hard!

I celebrated my birthday recently! If you saw me posting throughout the month of November about my birthday, it’s because my friends and family like to celebrate it month long :). Of course celebrating this year was a little different, but nonetheless I enjoyed all of the celebrations. I’m beyond blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.

Finally, I started working again! It’s been so long! It’s so nice being able to reconnect with patients and seeing new ones! I’ve missed injecting so much. I did run into a few delays, but I have super exciting things coming very very soon! Please check my Instagram for future updates!


Joanna the Nurse

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