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So now it is 3:29AM and I am still not sleeping. I figured I would go over some of my favorite lash brands with you all. Some background on my lashes is that I used to always get my lashes done. I would go about once every 5 weeks for a fill, and I loved it (for the first couple of days). Naturally, I have extremely thin lashes and not many, so my lash extensions never looked that dramatic. They would also look like crazy spider lashes after about a week of having them, which always scared my husband every time I would wake him up.  After a couple of years, I finally officially turned over to just falsies. I find them to be easier to maintain, cheaper, and they just look better on me. The one major con about falsies is the fact that they sometimes dangle off my eyelids halfway through my day, without my knowledge. I’m used to it now, so I always carry a little tube of emergency glue with me! 🙂

My current favorites include:

Natural look:

  • Ardell Demi Wispies

    • I have been wearing these for many many years, and I still think they are the perfect pair of basic lashes. They have a thin band, are made with human hair, and last typically about 3 wears for me. I usually buy them in bulk on Amazon for about $8/4 pairs.


  • Leyvo Lashes

    • So this is a relatively new brand, and I was lucky to get the opportunity to try them early on. I have to say that every time I wear these lashes, I get compliments! They are made with mink, but are cruelty-free (thank goodness. has anyone seen the actual mink animals? they are the cutest things ever). The bands run a little thicker, but I have noticed that they rarely dangle off my eyelids which is nice. Each use is said to last about 20-30 times which is amazing! The pairs run about $25-27? depending on the styles you choose!


  • Kim Thai’s lashes from Lion Heart

    • Kim Thai is a super popular blogger/influencer, and one of the nicest people I have met. She did a collaboration with Lion Heart, and I was lucky enough to snag a pair. I only have one pair, yet it has never failed to last on me throughout the duration of having them on. They are extremely fabulous and well-worth the money! It seems that they are constantly out of stock however, so snag them if you can!

Thank you for taking the time to read my rambles! If you have any other lash recommendations, feel free to leave suggestions in comments!


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