Hi guys! Welcome back to my “Favorite Purses Series”! Today’s purse is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. This purse is a classic and fan favorite. It is one of my favorite purses because of the size! I actually like to use this bag when I’m out with my kids because it holds so much stuff. I love using it as a diaper bag and putting Luke’s toys in :D. It includes an inner pouch that you can take out and use as a clutch, love this!

Escale Blue MM

Damier MM

Takashi Murakami MOMA exclusive PM

Damier Azur MM

I love going to the LV store in person because the shopping experience is so much better. Highly recommend!

Tip: Use a leather cream and wipe your bags down at least 1x a month to hydrate the leather!

Material: Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim

Fun fact: Some LV stores have a custom store stamp depending on where it’s located!

Overall, this bag is sturdy, well made, spacious, and it’s popular for a reason!

Thank you for reading!


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