Hi guys!

It has been a while since I updated this, so I decided to go over my daily work day!

Monday-Friday (and some Saturdays)

  • Wake up at 6:30AM
  • Wash my face, brush my teeth, toss on some makeup
  • Pick up Luke, feed him and wash his face and hands
  • Change into a presentable work outfit
  • Take Luke downstairs and feed him a light breakfast
  • Leave Luke with his nanny, then zoom off to work

(at this point in time, it is usually 7)

  • Arrive at work around 7:30AM
  • Relax on my chair while waiting for my computer to turn on
  • Check the work schedule on the computer, then go through my emails and respond
  • Check instagram, facebook, and email (again)
  • Wait for my patients to arrive!

(at this point in time, it is usually 9)

  • From 9-4, there is usually at least 2 patients an hour. I usually see one injectable patient for 30 minutes, including the time they are numbing.
  • When I do not have an injectable patient, I see Dr. Newen’s post op patients and answer questions they may have
  • When I don’t have any patients I usually go on the computer and check my upcoming appointments, then run through my emails and messages again.
  • Once my last patient leaves, I pack up my stuff and get ready to drive towards baby Luke!

(at this point in time, it is usually 5PM)

Every day is a good day when you love what you do! 🙂



Joanna the Nurse

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