Skinesque Wake Up & Makeup Prep Sheet Mask


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You will love our 3-minute flash mask designed to streamline your busy morning skincare routine. Use the mask right after cleansing with our Enzyme Cleansing Powder and replace secondary skincare steps (ie: toner, essence, serum).

Skin is refreshed (no tacky oily film left on skin), pores are less visible, and skin is more soft and smooth. Tone, hydrate, and prime your skin in just one easy step for a radiant complexion and flawless makeup finish.

The tencel based masks effectively adhere to the skin so you can move around comfortably.

The pack contains 30 sheet masks for daily use. The masks are housed in a single case, and can be pulled out for use with the included mini tweezers. Great value!

30 sheets (13.4 oz)


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