Hi guys! Wow I am on a role. I’m currently at work on my lunch break and I wanted to answer some more questions that I received from my Instagram poll!

Random Facts About Me!

  • I’m left handed and inject with my left hand
  • I can fall asleep no matter where I am or who I’m with. I just close my eyes and knock out
  • My top 3 favorite foods are quesadillas, Haagen Daaz coffee ice cream bars with almond, and korean food!
  • I’m scared of underwater scenes in movies and stepping on shower drains
  • And also scared of scary movies and shows
  • I’m not picky with food at all and I’m always down to try anything. This is probably why Luke isn’t picky with his food either!

Some life advice

Hmmmm… I would start off with pressure and how I deal with it.. I never really get stressed out, tbh. I figure everything will work out eventually. If you feel pressure, I would suggest taking a step back, take a deep breath, and write everything down! It helps to create a list of tasks and checking them off one by one.

If I had to tell my younger-teen self anything, it would be that boys come and go. Focus on school and your future, and then things will fall into place! I try not to live my life with any major regrets since I do believe everything happens for a reason. I wish I did better in high school so that I could have gone to a better college. But even then, I’m okay with the opportunities I was given at my Alma Mater (Western University in Pomona!).

Celebrate your small tasks as victories! Random fact, I used to get soo much joy from buying nail polish. I would reward myself with them from Target after an accomplishment. After my finals, I would go to Target and treat myself with new nail polishes. It really kept me motivated and I looked forward to it! By giving yourself something to look forward to, it helps you finish your tasks and work towards your goals.

That’s all for now, but I hope I answered some commonly asked questions!


Joanna the Nurse

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